Takaisin todellisuuteen :)

SCENE: a small suburban branch of a public library. BRANCH LIBRARIAN is at the reference desk. BIBLIOBLOGGER enters with laptop.) BIBLIOBLOGGER: Hey, I'm a new librarian in town and thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. Perhaps you know my blog, Library 3.0 Has a Posse? Where can I get the feed for your library blog? BRANCH LIBRARIAN: I'm afraid we don't have a blog. BIBLIOBLOGGER: Oh, you have already moved on to podcasting, then? BRANCH LIBRARIAN: No, I do our webpages in Microsoft FrontPage. BIBLIOBLOGGER: (chokes) Whoa! Maybe someday that will be old skool, but right now that is just perverse. We'll hop on #code4lib and get you hooked up with a Drupal-based open-source CMS portal authoring environment that validates to XHTML 1.1 but is fully backwards-compatible and future-proof. BRANCH LIBRARIAN: Thanks? BIBLIOBLOGGER: (opening laptop) Don't mention it. Hey the wi-fi signal in here is weak. BRANCH LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry, we don't have wireless. BIBLIOBLOGGER: OK, well, let me run my Portable Firefox from my USB drive on one of your public-access computers... BRANCH LIBRARIAN: We don't allow patrons to use USB drives. The IT guys won't let us. MySpace and IM are blocked, too. BIBLIOBLOGGER: Say no more. I understand. Just give me a Google Map to the IT guy's home and I'll get Sauers to rub him out. When are people going to realize that if they don't "get it," they are going to "GET IT," know what I mean? I'm sure you are on Flickr though?


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